Social Dynamics

Do parents of different cultures show the same interactional characteristics in joint interactions?

The rate and duration of coordination differed across infants with different cultural backgrounds.

Gampe, A., Hartmann, L., & Daum, M. M. (2020). Dynamic interaction patterns of monolingual and bilingual infants with their parents. Journal of Child Language, 47(1), 45–63.

Are children able to adapt their communication within the same situation?

bilingual children adapted their level of ostension between Partners.

Gampe, A., Wermelinger, S., & Daum, M. M. (2019). Bilingual children adapt to the needs of their communication partners, monolinguals do not. Child Development, 90(1), 98–107.

Is what we observe linked to what we do?

The development of action perception and action production shows a dynamic development in the first year.

Gampe, A., Keitel, A., & Daum, M. M. (2015). Intra-individual variability and continuity of action and perception measures in infants. Frontiers in Psychology6.

Do childern accumulate efficient modifications across generations?

young children showed the ratchet effect to a limited extent, accumulating efficient modifications but not going beyond the inventive level of the individual.

Tennie, C., Walter, V., Gampe, A., Carpenter, M., & Tomasello, M. (2014). Limitations to the cultural ratchet effect in young children. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology126, 152–160.