Intercultural Development

How do intercultural children develop social group identifications and attitudes?

children’s attitudes of group loyalty are socially transmitted by the environmental cultural niche of their parents.

Gampe, A., Blaumeiser, J., & Daum, M. M. (2022). Children’s group loyalty is related to parental in-group collectivism. Cognitive Development, 61, 101130.

Do parents of different cultures show the same interactional characteristics in joint interactions?

The rate and duration of coordination differed across infants with different cultural backgrounds.

Gampe, A., Hartmann, L., & Daum, M. M. (2020). Dynamic interaction patterns of monolingual and bilingual infants with their parents. Journal of Child Language, 47(1), 45–63.

How do intercultural children judge norm violations?

Parental values such as institutional collectivism, performance orientation, and assertiveness were associated with children’s Reactions to norm violations.

Gampe, A., & Daum, M. M. (2018). How preschoolers react to norm violations is associated with culture. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology165, 135–147.