How do interactions unfold within a situation?

Understanding the complexity of behavior

Interactions and conversations are complex processes that develop over time. Looking only at the initial or final state would not do justice to their complexity. Therefore, there are methods that can reveal statements about the stability,
complexity and predictability of individual behaviours or common behaviour patterns with the help of the time course.

For a duration of 5 minutes, parents and their 14-month-old infants explored a decorated room together. The coordination of their behaviors in the modalities of action, language, and gesture was coded. Coordination differed across
infants with different cultural backgrounds.

Gampe, Hartmann, & Daum (2020)

Journal of Child Language

We investigated the ability to accumulate efficient modifications across generations. We found that when the chain was seeded with an inefficient way of solving the task, 4-year-olds were able to innovate and transmit these
innovations so as to reach a more efficient solution.

Tennie, Walter, Gampe, Carpenter, & Tomasello (2014)

Journal of Experimental Child Psychology

We investigate how toddlers express and appreciate humour together with a parent. Using recurrence quantification analysis, we investigate whether the toddler or the parent initiates humorous actions and how this is related to personality

Hofmann & Gampe

data analysis

We investigate where children focus their attention during the process of learning novel actions and novel words by analysing their fixation patterns over time.

Brehm, Daum, & Gampe

manuscript preparation

The interdisciplinary project will explore the mechanisms by which people are motivated to engage with politics in everyday political conversations. We will study interaction dynamics in political focus groups to determine their influence
on political attitudes.

Marx & Gampe


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