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How to tell a voice assistant that she got me wrong? We recorded children’s voices in misunderstandings!

Children adapted the quantity (fewer grounding turns and fewer syllables ) and quality (reduced increase in f0 and intensity ) IN SPEECH DIRECTED TO VOICE ASSISTANTS

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Can parents document children’s development in everyday life?

PARENTS can evaluate major developmental milestones when given an appropriate illustration and criteria to assess their child’s competencies.

Daum, M.M., Bleiker, M., Wermelinger, S., Kurthen, I., Maffongelli, L., Antognini, K., Beisert, M. & Gampe, A. (2022). The kleineWeltentdecker App – A Smartphone-Based Developmental Diary. Behavior Research Methods

How does interacting with voice assistants change children’s lives? We developed a treasure hunt to find out!

Prosocial sharing and helping depends on empathic concern in humans but not voice assistants.

Aeschlimann, S., Bleiker, M., Wechner, M., & Gampe, A. (2020). Communicative and social consequences of interactions with voice assistants. Computers in Human Behavior, 112, 106466.